My Services

Offering Integrative Counselling and Yoga in Norwich, Norfolk.

Integrative Counselling

Prices from £60

At the core of my practice lies an integrative approach to therapy, where every facet of your being is acknowledged and nurtured. I believe in the powerful connection between mind, body, and spirit, and my goal is to provide a supportive and educational environment where you can embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and resilience. It’s a path not just to healing, but to becoming whole, to finding a harmony within that resonates deeply with who you are and who you wish to become.

Yoga Classes

Prices from £10

Step into a space where the strength and flexibility of your body align with the resilience of your mind. My yoga classes in Norwich are designed to foster self-awareness and bolster your inner strength and confidence. Whether you’re seeking the camaraderie of group classes or the personalised attention of one-to-one sessions, there’s a place for you on the mat. Grow physically and mentally, as you become part of a community that values personal growth and wellbeing. Join us, and let the journey unfold.