Let’s do some “Inner spring cleaning”

Hiker with backpack overlooking scenic hills.

Spring is in the air. Longer days, more light, nature reawakening from the winter slumber.

The change of season can be an opportunity to pause, reflect, reassess.

Spring is an invitation to air things out, to do a detox of our body, mind, home – I call this the practice of “inner spring cleaning”.

This ties well with the current focus of my Yoga practice and teaching – the principle of “Saucha” = purity, or cleanliness.

How do we do this “inner spring cleaning”?

I’ll share some of the practices that can help you get that sense of renewal, emerging from winter into the energy of spring.

One can simply start by practicing cleanliness of our body, from basic hygiene practices, to a new haircut, or simply choosing to nourish our body with high quality whole foods and good hydration.

Another way to turn the page and change our mindset is decluttering and cleaning our homes. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the feelings of distraction and lack of focus when you try to work in a messy environment! Cleaning the space we live and work in is a great way to increase our productivity.

The hardest challenge is the “mind detox” – which thought patterns and beliefs can we clean out?

The first step is always to develop awareness – paying attention to our internal world, our thoughts, the information we consume, the conversations we have.

Have you ever noticed how the quality of our thoughts affects our perception?

Where does the mind tend

to go? What thoughts are we spending time with? Does our mind create pleasant or unpleasant thoughts? The more we focus on something, the more it materialises, so can we choose to focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want?

When we think we’re having a “bad day”, everything seems to go sideways, and when we shift the narrative things slowly start changing…

Our inner world affects our perception of reality.

We have the power to change our experience of the world by changing our attitude towards it.

What narrative do you choose? What stories is your mind creating? How’s that affecting your thoughts, mood and behaviors?

The opportunity for change lies in our ability to choose how we adapt to situations – the thoughts our kind creates can bring us d

own, but we can choose whether to give any attention to such thoughts, discarding what we don’t need and choosing to take power/

That way, we choose our actions, not letting automatic thoughts and programming choose for us. That is our power.

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Hiker with backpack overlooking scenic hills.