How much energy are you putting out? And what do you do to replenish it?

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Energy in vs energy out.

Finding balance can be hard. I became a master at over-doing and burn out. I had to do considerable amounts of personal work to get out of that pattern. An interesting concept I’ve been working with is that of “Energy IN vs Energy OUT”.

Life is often busy, and those of us who are “givers” – our societal role or jobs mean that we give out a lot of time, energy, advice etc. – can end up feeling exhausted and drained. This can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and even depression, on top of bodily symptoms like digestive issues, sleep disturbances, getting ill often, weight fluctuations, and hormonal imbalances.

We have just gone through the spring equinox, the day when day and night are equal (more or less) – I see it as invitation from nature to find balance, that delicate dance between push and pull, light and darkness, strength and ease, business and rest.

Balancing our energy is no easy job. I invite you to try this little exercise:

1) Which activities in your day take up your energy? (Energy OUT)

They can be things like work, cleaning the house, but also things like talking to a friend in need, or exercising.

2) Which activities in your day nourish you? (Energy IN)

They can be things like spending time in nature, eating good food, spending time with friends etc.

Energy In and Out activities can sometimes overlap – it’s not about good and bad, it’s about observing how much we give out, and seeing if we can put some more in to balance what goes out.

When life gets incredibly busy (as it sometimes does), it’s not always possible to stop the energy that comes out – what we can control is what we put IN.

I invite you to bring more of what brings you nourishment and joy into your life, going into Spring.

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Woman writing in notebook near laptop with galaxy cover.