How to find the right therapist for you

Woman smiling during a casual interview.

Many people choose to start therapy in January as a new year resolution, or because the natural conditions of dark and cold days can heighten mental health issues for some people. Going to therapy can be a big step and it’s not always an easy one to take. I believe that choosing to start therapy […]

Look after your mental health this Christmas

Man reading by window, festive Christmas tree indoors.

Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time of the year, but that’s not always the case for everyone. Christmas can be a struggle for some people for many reasons: – It can be an expensive season with presents, work dos and friends gatherings, and money worries can make it all less enjoyable – It […]

Let’s do some “Inner spring cleaning”

Hiker with backpack overlooking scenic hills.

Spring is in the air. Longer days, more light, nature reawakening from the winter slumber. The change of season can be an opportunity to pause, reflect, reassess. Spring is an invitation to air things out, to do a detox of our body, mind, home – I call this the practice of “inner spring cleaning”. This […]

How much energy are you putting out? And what do you do to replenish it?

Woman writing in notebook near laptop with galaxy cover.

Energy in vs energy out. Finding balance can be hard. I became a master at over-doing and burn out. I had to do considerable amounts of personal work to get out of that pattern. An interesting concept I’ve been working with is that of “Energy IN vs Energy OUT”. Life is often busy, and those […]

It’s not about how it looks. It’s about how it feels.

Woman practicing yoga in a serene indoor setting.

All you need is willingness to keep an open mind. The physical aspect of Yoga, or “asana”, is the most popular and attractive aspect of a Yoga practice. I won’t lie- I started Yoga because I liked the way the movements looked, and I was attracted by the physicality of it. The more I practiced, […]